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About the Novel


The intense, poetic thriller from author T. S. Fox

Over the next five days, five very different lives will intersect, eventually colliding during an unpredictable and violent event that will shock the entire nation...

Christopher Mathews is in his mid-thirties, married to Elizabeth and the father of ten-year-old twins. His business on the verge of bankruptcy, his mistress threatening to expose their affair: now is not the best time to be involved in a near-fatal car crash... Caroline Dixon lives with her partner, Nathan, and her young daughter, Kirby. Tormented by silent telephone calls, she is becoming increasingly convinced that she is being stalked. Meanwhile, one of Nathan’s fraudulent scams is about to brutally backfire... Joseph “Joe” Faulkner plans to propose to his long-term girlfriend, Linda. When Linda tells him that their relationship is over, Joe decides to get drunk. Waking-up in a stolen car in the heart of London definitely was not part of the plan...  Rachel Nicholson is nearly sixteen. Exams and constant conflicts with fellow students mean the pressure is mounting at school. She spends her free time with Blake, hoping the sexual tension between them will soon blossom into a more physical relationship: completely unaware that it already has... Daniel Naylor returns to the town where he was born, to bury his recently deceased father. Alone, overwhelmed by grief, he struggles to subdue a renewed obsession with a past love. As depression rapidly deteriorates into psychosis, his murdered brother’s Browning High Power pistol is now beginning to look like the only solution...

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